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Chronological Watchmen read, yay!

12 October: Wow, on the first page, Rorschach seems like more of an obvious nutbar than I remember – less fox-crazy than mentally-12 crazy. Then Hollis and Dan telling stories, obviously both lost and sharing surface-cheerful depression. Dan makes fists and fiercely goes to confront what he thinks is a burglar, but momentary manliness impression is blown out of the water by immediate subservience to crazy fella. Detectives can’t be bothered to take on knotty murder case, intimidated by mystery rather than intrigued. Emphasis on total lack of heroes, only husks, empty masks.

13 October: Obvious-nutbar impression somewhat dispelled by Rorschach terrifying entire bar and effortlessly breaking into highly guarded government facility. Leads to the following priceless panels: cut for friendslist sanity )

It would be way too much fun to parse the social shifts in that scene. I mean, "fun." For a certain type of mind. The kind that knows, if you dissect something, you find out how it works, but it's really really dead...and does it anyway.

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