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a sad day

Jan. 20th, 2011 09:37 pm
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Woe is me: I am out of Tobolowsky files. Have bookmarked this for next round of impulse internet shopping. Am officially a raging fangirl.

He's pretty much the ultimate hey-it's-that-guy character actor since Vincent Schiavelli's passed (who I briefly met when he and the entire crew of a wee independent film crammed into Funk's Democratic Coffee Spot on a rainy night, but that's another story), and several of the podcasts are behind-the-scenes on Heroes, Glee, Groundhog's Day, and the like. The bulk of the stories, tho, are taken from his life, and I've been more sucked into them. He's taken to ending these on cliffhangers, and the last one was a humdinger around the birth of his first child. I'm left like, cannot go to imdb or wikipedia, will get spoiled! ...for real life!

So, until the next Tobolosky File appears, I've got Virginia Woolf's Night and Day cued up. Or possibly The Dilbert Principle. Plus, I've got an actual dead-tree book on loan, The Fry Chronicals, which probably won't take more than a weekend when I finally get started. And I want to have another go through How We Became Posthuman since it's got a chapter on Snow Crash...

...I have a madwoman's to-read list.
mustinvestigate: (bernie comic)
Today’s adventures in audio-killing time at work: the Towbolowsky Files.


Just download them.

Download them all. Because as soon as you listen to the first, you’ll want to nomnomnom them all as fast as you can jam them in your auditory meatus.

How to describe? Something like Jean Shepherd (who you may have heard recently, over and over and over, narrating A Christmas Story), except his stories might lead to a moving anecdote on his mother’s death, or the melancholy hangover of accidentally hosting the most debauched Hollywood party ever and being thus stuck refilling dip bowls and scrubbing vomit off the walls for 30 hours straight. So, not actually SFW, but if your coworkers or co-commuters aren’t hugely observant to the occasional guffaw or sniffle…

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