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Then, there’s Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, another enjoyable Robert Downey Jr movie with several problematic elements that would make me yell at the screen except oh look they’re pandering right at me again, and how! All mollified…

This is maybe the male-produced first action flick deliberately, consciously aimed at female slashers. )

So, to sum up…yes, I am that shallow.
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Star Trek: the Next Generation parody porn (preview SFW):

Warning: those of a certain age who learned how to 'ship on the Enterprise-D? Your head may asplode. Click with caution.

The plot and effects are actually pretty good, expecially compared to seasons 1 and 2 of the actual show. Plus, the actors and set design are more than close enough for government work. But, best of all, it's Wil Wheaton approved (sort of why not)!

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