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Title: Clearing the Board (1/2)
Author: MustInvestigate
Disclaimer: I only own action figures
Rating: R for sex and violence
Pairing: F!Courier/Benny
Summary: Sequel to Incoming/Outgoing: Grabbing the King Fink crown of Rat Mountain...for a big-leaguer like Benny, how hard could it be?

part 1 - part 2

His mind isn’t on what he’s doing, despite how dearly he’s paid for it. No, it’s like a naughty dog, always returning to its vomit. )
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I should like Kurt Vonnegut. There was Slaughterhouse-Five, which pretty much everyone is impressed by, and that short story with the people wearing heavy weights and having loud noises go off regularly to ensure everyone’s “equal,” you can’t pass the 7th grade without reading that one two or three times. Any list of Vonnegut quotes will have some real winners.

Still, the recent two I randomly found on library and Fopp shelves (The Sirens of Titan and God Bless you Mr Rosewater) have mostly made me impatient. Which isn’t exactly fair – they came out in 1959 and 1965. Cleverly presenting the figures of admiration and culture of American life as inherently ridiculous was somewhat radical then, probably. 2012-me, reading these, nonetheless rolls eyes and thinks “Yes, this has all been thoroughly covered in my Hawkeye Pierce studies, thanks.”

Ok, one genuine complaint I have is his fictional women. They’re so flat (ok, so are the men), but also…externally observed, even in their own head. Even to themselves, they exist to relate to men, usually in resenting husband’s fiscal provisions or pesky sex drives.

Which could be part of the satire. I don’t know. Clearly, there is something not-a-soul where my soul should be.
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After a rough start to 2012, we settled in for a weekend of movies that included the last three Harry Potters. While I’ve now seen all the movies, I still don’t feel qualified to say a thing about them. Especially since I’ve never read the books, somehow. The fandom is just too big and too erudite to feel up to anything but listening to it.

What did strike me as funny, tho, was how little interest I had in the overall plot (and, dare I say it, the movies themselves seemed to share that?). I enjoyed the ficcy aspects, the friendships and new romances weathering the strains of adolescence and very adult disasters the actual adults wouldn’t or couldn’t fix, the unfolding backstories of the previous generation, and the whole Neville thing. I liked Harry only when he was stumbling around lost and plugging away at a seemingly impossible task anyway. All the in-between bits where fandom thrives like inspired grout-mold.

It makes me wonder if the textual poachers are getting poached in return, subtly (or not) courted because fandom means investment means actual dineros invested…or because something close to a generation has grown up with fandoms and those in the pro expect more frosting on the cake in their own work?
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Then, there’s Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, another enjoyable Robert Downey Jr movie with several problematic elements that would make me yell at the screen except oh look they’re pandering right at me again, and how! All mollified…

This is maybe the male-produced first action flick deliberately, consciously aimed at female slashers. )

So, to sum up…yes, I am that shallow.
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There’s something about a lot of early-90s films I can’t quite define, part 80s hangover, part unearned smugness mixed with genuine hope and celebration of human connectedness, but without much individual character. It’s an era I sort of missed, as that’s when my family moved to East Bumperfuck, the parents split up for a while, and culture was whatever came in on the two channels the aerial could pick up. Gen X was something happening in Newsweek that I couldn’t wait to be a teenager and join in on. All this to say, I go into these films expecting to feel like the prodigal son, not an alien anthropologist.

Like, Chaplin. Early Hollywood stuff is inherently great... )

So…yeah. An enjoyable film, but it made me yell at the screen.

And sort of ship Charlie and Douglas Fairbanks. Their love needs no stunt doubles!
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So, comment subject lines are gone now? What a weird, pointless change. And one that makes kink meming more difficult.

Seems Dreamwidth here is allowing new accounts without codes, this week, but I've got a few hanging around should anyone miss this window and want to get their back-up om.
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I felt a great disturbence in the if many many fics had been, if not exactly jossed, made really icky.
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Star Trek: the Next Generation parody porn (preview SFW):

Warning: those of a certain age who learned how to 'ship on the Enterprise-D? Your head may asplode. Click with caution.

The plot and effects are actually pretty good, expecially compared to seasons 1 and 2 of the actual show. Plus, the actors and set design are more than close enough for government work. But, best of all, it's Wil Wheaton approved (sort of why not)!
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Title: The Pitt and the Swinger
Author: MustInvestigate
Disclaimer: I only own action figures
Rating: NC-17 for sadism and poor taste
Pairing: nada
Summary: An AU snippet branching out of Outgoing. Don't look at me, some kind soul actually asked for this! :D

30 years later… )
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Title: Outgoing
Author: MustInvestigate
Disclaimer: I only own action figures
Rating: NC-17 for sax and violins; violence only, for once
Pairing: Courier/war OTP!
Summary: Sequel to Incoming, because a lovely kinkmeme anon wanted an ass-kicking pregnant courier, and I had one lying around.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be late to my own war.” )
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Since my job is primarily data-diving and refining my antisocial skills, I decided to take a break from listening to so much Tom Waits (honing those aforementioned skills a leeeetle too keen) and crack out some classic public domain audio books.

I started with the Sage of Baltimore’s In Defense of Women, and, uh…let’s just say, with a defense like that, we don’t need attackers. I made it through about half the chapters, and to sum those up: women must be smart because they cynically con men into marriage despite the institution being bad for men in every way, and men aren’t even allowed to beat their wives any more; also, women are uniformly ugly, shaped “like a dumbbell run over by an express train.” I can’t say it’s a bad thing you’re all but forgotten in your home town, H. L.

Then, Peter Kropotkin’s The Conquest of Bread, read by someone with a Benzaie-esque French accent. Turns out there was a passionate anarchist school of communist theory before the revolution, after which Lenin purty much squelched it. Like most pinko theory, great job deconstructing the faults of capitalism, not so great on the faults of humankind that make real existing socialism such a mess…this, speaking as someone who makes Upton Sinclair look like Rush Limbaugh. Nonetheless, his plans for how an anarchist commune would function make the Smurfs look like a fungus-based Rapture, and it’s damn soothing learning how everyone will get the basics of their meals from a communal kitchen (allowing the “housewives” to add their preferred finishing touches), and that other food, houses, and clothes will still remain a person’s personal possessions. And there’ll be no shirkers when everyone has meaningful work! What a picture.

So, I’m 1 for 2 so far. The experiment continues.
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Title: Vae Victis (Woe to the Conquered)
Author: MustInvestigate
Disclaimer: I only own action figures
Rating: NC-17
Warning: dub/non-con
Pairing: Fallout New Vegas, Benny/Praetorian
Summary: Advanced interrogation methods meets advanced sheer awesomeness; neither emerges victorious.
(This is the kinkmeme’s fault.)

Caesar examined the platinum chip. )
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I killed an evening getting Sims 3 to work with the latest expansion pack, made a tester sim, and sent him to a bar. First thing he does... )

...yeah, it's still no Sims 2, but this game has its moments.
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Somehow, I managed to grow up in an era and neighborhood where every family I knew had an entire wall of generic VHS tapes, lovingly labelled as films taped off HBO and Skinamax (usually containing a running order like: “Night of the Living Dead – Beethoven 2 – Robocop – The Care Bears Movie” because You Use Whatever Goddamn Tape Is In The VCR At The Time No Exceptions), and still never see Total Recall. I tried to read the Piers Anthony novelization, but as I recall the first or second page consisted of a sex scene in which the protagonist’s wife’s breasts were described as “big, but not cow-like as so many big breasts are,” and even at 13 I knew to just give up there.

(My other formative memory of Piers Anthony was of literally throwing A Spell For Chameleon out a window…then having to go retrieve it because it was a library book.)

Anyway, I was in the mood for something funny, and that DVD leaped out at me. The husband questioned my rationality, but – Paul Verhoeven? Arnold Schwarzenegger? 80s action-scifi? It had to be a laugh riot.

spoilers for 20-year-old movie? )
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We finally got our hands on Best Worst Movie, and while it’s well worth seeing, it left me feeling kinda bad.

Troll 2 is far from the worst movie ever made (Transformers 2 will never be toppled from that throne, and there’s dozens of princes-in-waiting there anyway), but it is pretty bad. Almost Manos: The Hands of Fate bad…but much funnier. Some awful movies are really entertaining because they are so sincere, and because they create idiosyncratic worlds that linger in the mind, where human beings act consistently, if far from normally. The key aspect separating these films from exploitation flicks (which share similar production values) is that there’s no malice in them. The viewing experience is a mix of unintentional hilarity and awwww.

This doc brings together the international (well, Italy- and Utah-based) group of people who thought they were making a fantastic horror film. spoilers? )

Thus, I feel kinda hesitant to break out the mst3k. They’re called guilty pleasures not because they’re the intellectual equivalent of twinkies, but because the people involved would likely be hurt by the kind of pleasure I take in their work. We had an old friend visiting last year, and we passed the weekend trading our favourite bad films and the cream of youtube…this guy enjoyed Troll 2, but The Room broke him. “This guy’s going to kill himself someday,” he said, “it’s a horrible movie, and I feel horrible for enjoying what’s basically his suicide note.”

Ah well. I’ll get over this brief twinge of conscience. Until then, I’ll just have to pass the time with quality entertainment…sigh.

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