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mustinvestigate: Fallout and Nite Owl, together at last (Dreiberg - hacker)
Also! My copy of Fallout: New Vegas is slowly drifting toward me on the Royal Mail tide, hopefully to arrive tomorrow. My ardour is not cooled but banked after hearing of the not-unexpected bugs (though PC sounds far less affected than PS3 or Xbox), and I am tempted to wait until the patch comes out to begin.

Ah, who am I kidding? If it does come tomorrow, there goes my weekend. If it doesn’t, I’ll spoil myself silly on the wiki. My favourite new perk so far? Fallout 3 had an option called Lady Killer or Black Widow, depending on the avatar’s sex, which gave both extra killing effectiveness and powers of seduction on the opposite sex. New Vegas has that and a perk called Confirmed Bachelor or Cherchez La Femme, allowing one to create proper in-game gay or bi characters rather than just the lesbian-by-default consequence of Fallout 3’s more male-oriented scripts.

The little icon for “Confirmed Bachelor” is psychotically adorable, something Rorschach would doodle in his journal after carefully annotating a review of Cruising in the New Frontiersmen.
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I'm going a little crazy waiting for New Vegas to come out. Look at this thing!

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