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Back at the turn of the century (a year most accurately recorded as aught-dickety-aught), I was finishing up an arts degree and had a professor who was a huge Wim Wender fan. While she would recite vast stretches of Wings of Desire verbatim, she would never let the slightest spoiler for Until the End of the World pass her lips. We simply had to experience it for ourselves, and it was a tragedy of the modern world that it was so difficult to get hold of a copy, in any format.

As it turns out...not so much. )
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We finally got our hands on Best Worst Movie, and while it’s well worth seeing, it left me feeling kinda bad.

Troll 2 is far from the worst movie ever made (Transformers 2 will never be toppled from that throne, and there’s dozens of princes-in-waiting there anyway), but it is pretty bad. Almost Manos: The Hands of Fate bad…but much funnier. Some awful movies are really entertaining because they are so sincere, and because they create idiosyncratic worlds that linger in the mind, where human beings act consistently, if far from normally. The key aspect separating these films from exploitation flicks (which share similar production values) is that there’s no malice in them. The viewing experience is a mix of unintentional hilarity and awwww.

This doc brings together the international (well, Italy- and Utah-based) group of people who thought they were making a fantastic horror film. spoilers? )

Thus, I feel kinda hesitant to break out the mst3k. They’re called guilty pleasures not because they’re the intellectual equivalent of twinkies, but because the people involved would likely be hurt by the kind of pleasure I take in their work. We had an old friend visiting last year, and we passed the weekend trading our favourite bad films and the cream of youtube…this guy enjoyed Troll 2, but The Room broke him. “This guy’s going to kill himself someday,” he said, “it’s a horrible movie, and I feel horrible for enjoying what’s basically his suicide note.”

Ah well. I’ll get over this brief twinge of conscience. Until then, I’ll just have to pass the time with quality entertainment…sigh.
mustinvestigate: (Default) Winter's Bone. It's not really a fandom-friendly film, in that I have no desire write fic or seek out sparkly macros, but it's one of the most complete-in-itself movies I've seen in a long time. It contains its own Cliff Notes, efficiently setting out the scope of this society for those unfamiliar with all-American rural poverty while including visual details that ring true for those who are.

Picture a classic noir arc, but Sam Spade is a 17-year-old Ozark teen barely keeping her family fed and sheltered. At least half of the many characters are women, as fleshed out as the men, and they're more active in shaping the plot. Which I can't rave about as much as I want to without giving away the best aspects of watching, of moving deeper into the world of dread and strength as she seeks out the secret her community would gladly sacrifice her family's lives to suppress.

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