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Upon realizing even I have a bastard of a time trying to find anything in my lj, I decided to finally make up a:

Master Fic List!

Fallout New Vegas

Clearing the Board, F!Courier/Benny, R
Summary: Sequel to Incoming/Outgoing: Grabbing the King Fink crown of Rat Mountain...for a big-leaguer like Benny, how hard could it be?
part 1 - part 2

Moonlight Miles: Goodsprings, Primm, no pairings, PG
Summary: A bit of backstory for the Incoming/Outgoing F!Courier.

Microfic: The Pitt and the Swinger
Summary: An AU snippet branching out of Outgoing.

Summary: Sequel to Incoming, because a lovely kinkmeme anon wanted an ass-kicking pregnant courier, and I had one lying around.

Incoming, F!Courier/Benny, NC-17
Summary: Post-apocalyptia really needs to rediscover latex.
Part 1 - Part 2

Strangers in the Night, F!Courier/Lonesome Drifter, PG-13
Summary: The Mojave wasteland singles’ scene is hard.

Vae Victis (Woe to the Conquered), Benny/Praetorian, NC-17 (Warning: dub/non-con)
Summary: Advanced interrogation methods meet advanced sheer awesomeness; neither emerges victorious.

The Melody Lingers On, Benny/Swank, Hard R
Summary: I like the delicious maintainer's summary: "Swank gets a last roll in the hay with Benny."

Watchmen / Fallout 3

In All This Blood and Thunder, no pairings, PG-13 for violence
Summary: Rorschach unwittingly enters the Fallout universe. Probably won't make much sense unless you've played at least the main storyline. Possibly not even then.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Watchmen / Neuromancer

All Quiet on the Liminal Fringe, OT3, PG – NC-17 for sex and violence
Summary: Dreiberg, Kovacs, and Laurie Isham are vigilante cowboys dedicated to making life difficult for the cybercriminals and megacorps that keep a stranglehold on a dystopian world’s 11 billion lives.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12


Laugh, And You Laugh Alone, Laurie/Jon, NC-17
Summary: No one will hire the Silk Spectre, not even the cops, not even a government happy to pay scum like the Comedian. Jon doesn’t need my company, not really. I’ve got more designer jeans than Brooke Shields, and nowhere to wear them, and nobody needs me, and I’m bored out of my mind.

Soliciting, PG-13
Summary: Nite Owl meets Brooklyn’s Mother of the Year.

Thomas Harris’s Blues, Rorschach/Nite Owl, PG
Summary: Hollis can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome he is.

A couple of captcha fics here.

Exorcism, Rorschach/Nite Owl, NC-17
Summary: Dan has a vivid and mean-spirited imagination.

Masquerade, Daniel/Walter, NC-17
Summary: Sundry ideas nicked from the kink meme. Rorschach secretly follows Nite Owl and Ozymandias’ investigation into a notorious vice club, with surprising results. And, as always, by ‘surprising results,’ I mean ‘really awkward sexy time.’ For once, this is set in a purely movie!verse, meaning Walter is five or so years into vigilantism, but still a young ‘un of 21, and Daniel is somewhat older.
Part 1 - Part 2

Compromise, Comedian/Rorschach, NC-17 (Warning: dubcon)
Summary: Late 1960s - the brief Crimebusters heyday. Now with more sex.

Imposition, Comedian/Rorschach, NC-17
Sequel to: Compromise
Summary: Sex! Angst! ...and stuff.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Clean, Nite Owl/Rorschach, NC-17
Summary: Hrm...I wanted to get Rorschach naked. So I packed every possible cliché around that idea and called it a story.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Oct. 19th, 2011 12:30 pm
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My apologies if you received a load of spam from me - my old hotmail was hacked last night. I've re-set my password and deleted all my contacts (oh noes, what if I suddenly need to contact someone at their expired 2002 email?), so you shouldn't get any more offers to embiggen your wang until you can wear a knock-off Rolex on it.

Unless that's your thing. I ain't judging.
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Presents! I have a couple of Dreamwidth codes to give away – anyone want?

As steeply as this December has gone downhill, I suspected we’d spend Christmas hanging out the window with improvised weaponry trying to hold the zombie horde at bay. As of almost 11 am, though, there’s no sign of shufflers. Instead, it looks like we’ll be spending the day eating chicken balmoral and blueberry pie, watching bad movies, and maybe swing by a buddy’s place for some Settlers of Catan. Tiny Tim would be proud.

Hope you’re all having a great holiday/long weekend!
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How, exactly, does vigilante crimefighting work?

I don’t mean the kinky costumes and the UST-ridden stake-outs and the fighting and tying to streetlamps and post-patrol shagging which is definitely not gay if you don’t make eye contact.

I mean…how the hell do they prosecute these crimes that are caught through the aforementioned total awesomeness?

Even in the ur-deconstruction of heroic costumed vigilantes, Rorschach encounters people he’s responsible for putting in prison, in said prison. I’m assuming he didn’t show up for court.

Please state your name for the record.
Your real name.
Sir, your real…
*stenographer renders snap of bailiff’s pinky finger as ‘thkk! aaaaargh!’*

If a heavily beaten thug was deposited on precinct steps, with or without a note declaring them a rapist, wouldn’t the cops’ first response be to treat them as a victim of a violent crime, or (say, if Superman did it and didn’t even have to whack them around first) for wrongful imprisonment, and ask if they want to file a report on the strange assailant in the Halloween costume?

Maybe vigilantes are more like bounty hunters, only going after those the police already have a warrant for, but passing on the reward due to anonymity?


Also, from the fallout kinkmeme’s twitter feed, this is horribly cathartic. *whiiiiiiiiiiiistle...boom*
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Somehow, I managed to grow up in an era and neighborhood where every family I knew had an entire wall of generic VHS tapes, lovingly labelled as films taped off HBO and Skinamax (usually containing a running order like: “Night of the Living Dead – Beethoven 2 – Robocop – The Care Bears Movie” because You Use Whatever Goddamn Tape Is In The VCR At The Time No Exceptions), and still never see Total Recall. I tried to read the Piers Anthony novelization, but as I recall the first or second page consisted of a sex scene in which the protagonist’s wife’s breasts were described as “big, but not cow-like as so many big breasts are,” and even at 13 I knew to just give up there.

(My other formative memory of Piers Anthony was of literally throwing A Spell For Chameleon out a window…then having to go retrieve it because it was a library book.)

Anyway, I was in the mood for something funny, and that DVD leaped out at me. The husband questioned my rationality, but – Paul Verhoeven? Arnold Schwarzenegger? 80s action-scifi? It had to be a laugh riot.

spoilers for 20-year-old movie? )


Apr. 1st, 2010 09:55 pm
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It's [ profile] initial_aitch's fault I've spent the last 15 minutes watching a barn owl ripping off bits of rabbit to feed to two chicks.

Thanks [ profile] initial_aitch!

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