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After a rough start to 2012, we settled in for a weekend of movies that included the last three Harry Potters. While I’ve now seen all the movies, I still don’t feel qualified to say a thing about them. Especially since I’ve never read the books, somehow. The fandom is just too big and too erudite to feel up to anything but listening to it.

What did strike me as funny, tho, was how little interest I had in the overall plot (and, dare I say it, the movies themselves seemed to share that?). I enjoyed the ficcy aspects, the friendships and new romances weathering the strains of adolescence and very adult disasters the actual adults wouldn’t or couldn’t fix, the unfolding backstories of the previous generation, and the whole Neville thing. I liked Harry only when he was stumbling around lost and plugging away at a seemingly impossible task anyway. All the in-between bits where fandom thrives like inspired grout-mold.

It makes me wonder if the textual poachers are getting poached in return, subtly (or not) courted because fandom means investment means actual dineros invested…or because something close to a generation has grown up with fandoms and those in the pro expect more frosting on the cake in their own work?
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